Advocacy Coaching – PSSN mentors will coach and teach you how to be an advocate for your loved one. Our certified advocates will be able to walk you through the logistics of advocating and support you on your efforts to get the services and supports your loved one needs. 



 The Sibling Support Group meets every first Friday of the month located 2350 W. Westmoreland Street Philadelphia, PA 19140. The group is open to the public feel free to stop any questions please call 215-205-7628 email Lynne Mack at lmack@passn.org.



Become a speaker with PSSN Inc. We are looking for speakers who have expertise in speaking on disabilities,care giving, leadership, entrepreneurship and spirituality.


Home and Community Habilitation



This is a direct service (face-to-face) provided in home and community settings to protect health and welfare to assist individuals in acquiring, maintaining, and improving self-help, domestic, socialization, and adaptive skills. Services consist of support in the general areas of self-care, communication, fine and gross motor skills, mobility, personal adjustment, relationship development, socialization, and use of community resources. When services are provided by agency-based providers, this service also includes transportation services necessary to enable the individual to participate in the home and community habilitation service, in accordance with the individual’s ISP.

Through the provision of this service individuals learn, maintain, or improve skills through their participation in a variety of everyday life activities. They learn and use skills in the context of these activities; this is considered a functional approach to the delivery of services. These activities must be necessary for individuals to live in the community, to live more independently, or to be more productive and participatory in community life. 

Companion Services



This service is intended to assist an individual who is age 18 or older 

provided to individuals living in private homes for the purposes of providing supervision or assistance that is designed to ensure the individual’s health, safety and welfare or to perform activities of daily living for the individual.

Job Support and Employment Services


 Follow-up with an individual who is working in competitive employment and their employer to support them in maintaining employment in the community.  Create and maintain resumes for the individual . Mock interview training.